Is a company formed from over 25 years of manufacturing experience in the water treatment industry with the main focus on membrane desalination technologies. Our commitment is to provide the industry with the latest in components, systems and design consultation. High-quality products, together with good value is our fundamental business objective. The Hydropure team has vast experience in membrane separation applications and system components integration. We know and understand the reality and the specific requirements and demands of the progressive desalination industry in Australiasia.


   Head office and warehouse is located in Queensland. Logistically, we are well positioned to ship products throughout Australasia and the Asia Pacific region. The Hydropure team has a strong presence with long experience in water treatment and relevant system components supply. We have partnered with reliable and reputable local and international engineers to collaborate in the design and manufacture of the most advanced range of components and equipment for dealers, resellers and independent OEM's that manufacture quality commercial and industrial water desalination systems.
Mr Li Youqing IDA 1329 x 886 

Sao Paulo, Brazil,October 15, 2017-The International Desalination Association (IDA) has announced that

Mr. Li Youqing, ROPV CEO, as 2nd Vice President.

“I am honored to serve the IDA board.With the new board I believe IDA will continue to play a great role in the industry, whether it is actively participating in the repeated events,new conference,supporting allocates, building channels to guide IDA member.”Mr Li said.

About ROPV

It all began in 1984,Harbin ROPV Industry Development Center set out with a signle vision become a global leader in the FRP Pressure vessel and water treatment solutions.We focus on innovation and technology to deliver a broad range of water treatment applications worldwide.Over the past 20 years, we have made major strides in realizing our vision and ROPV has emerged as a world class manufacturing company.






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Vontron® Membrane Elements are the world standard for membrane research and development and high quality components for the reverse osmosis industry. For technical information and local stock availability of Vontron® membranes please contact the Australian distributor Hydropure Australasia: more...


ECH-FRP Multi Element

Filter Cartridge Housing



Reverse Osmosis System

and Conductivity Controller


Pre-filtration is critical in any membrane separation system. There are many forms of pre-filtration available for these applications, although most are not well matched to the particular feed water system requirements. It is important to establish the exact characteristics for pre-filtration housing selection for flow rate and corrosion resistance during the development of any installation. PRODUCTS

Australian Distributor

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ROPV Pressure Vessels


8" Membrane Housing - End Port 1-8 Element 1000 psi

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R8040B1000E (8" diameter)FRP Construction.

KLD 100 Series Electric Actuator

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Mini Dimension with manual override function

KLD 160 Series Electric Actuator

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UPVC housing for corrosion resistance, 1/2" to 2" UPVC ball valve, at an economical price, 24VAC, 110VAC and 240VAC, especially suitable for water

Element LP22-8040

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Low Pressure series of aromatic polyamide compound RO membranes for low pressure operation and high permeate flow for commercial and industrial brackish water desalination applications

Element SW11-2540

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Sea Water series of aromatic polyamide compound RO membranes with high salt rejection and improved permeate flow for commercial and small scale desalination applications

Element FR11-8040

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Fouling Resistant series of aromatic polyamide compound RO membrane elements for commercial and industrial brackish water desalination applications

Element LP21-4040

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Low Pressure series of aromatic polyamide compound RO membranes for low pressure operation and high permeate flow for commercial brackish water desalination applications